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Your Auto Detailing Needs - Is what we do BEST!

Experience the DoubleTake Auto Spa difference!

Due to our advance auto detailing techniques, ceramic coatings applications and paint protection film (PPF or Clear Bra) installations coupled with great customer service, we've held an  A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau for over 4 years. We love what we do, and our customers do too! We have the MOST customer reviews on YELP and GOOGLE for any auto detailing company in the ENTIRE Bay Area!!!   Yes, we're that good!  But, you don't have to take our word, scroll down to read what our customers have to say about DoubleTake Auto Spa!  

Quality NOT Quantity 

At DoubleTake Auto Spa it's about quality NOT quantity, we only pamper 3-4 cars a day to ensure our customers are getting the very best auto detailing service. Each auto detailing service takes 3-5 hours depending on the condition of your vehicle.

Free Shuttle 

For those that live or work in Fremont, Union City, Newark or Milpitas when you bring your car to our location, we'll give you a FREE shuttle ride to and from your home or work.

Our clients travel from all over just to get their car detailed by DoubleTake Auto Spa of Fremont and we're very thankful!

For those that have traveled a bit, we offer a FREE one way Uber/Lift ride back to your home/work up to 25 miles.

We offer the following services: BY APPOINTMENT ONLY

Exterior Detailing Services
Exterior Detailing Only
Claybar Treatment
Overspray Removal
Headlight Restoration
Engine Cleaning
Black Trim Restorer
Black Trim Coating Protection
Rim Coating Protection

Interior Detailing Services
Basic Interior Cleaning
Interior Exfoliation with Light Shampoo
Interior Deep Cleaning with STEAM
Carpet and Upholstery Coating (1 Year Protection)
Smoke Smell Removal
Vomit Removal
Odor Removal
Pet Hair Removal

Mold Removal

Vehicle Paint Preservation Center - We give you OPTIONS!

If you're looking for the best way to preserve your than selecting a Ceramic Coating or Paint Protection Film | Clear Bra is the way to go!  One rock chip or scratch and your car's paint is compromise. Don't wait until it's too late, protect your auto investment today!

Ceramic Car Coating: Certified Installers of Ceramic Pro & Gyeon Mos Ceramic Coatings: Ceramic Coatings are far more durable than any wax or sealant! Offering 6 months, 2, 5 or Lifetime Protection with warranty! Stop waxing and start preserving your car's paint!

Paint Protection Film | Clear Bra (PPF)  Certified Installers of  3M Protection Film. We carry 3M and Xpel Paint Protection flim | Clear Bra. Paint Protection Film is the ultimate protection against getting those nasty rock chips and scratches in your paint. New and improve paint protection film now offers self healing properties, so should your clear bra get a rock chip or scratches, the paint protection film will heal itself in the sun or with heat. 

Paint Correction
Swirl Marks Removal
Scratch Removal
Oxidation Removal
Scuff Marks Removal

Leather Protection
Ph Balanced Leather Cleaning
Leather Conditioning
Leather Ceramic Coating (1 Year Protection)

Address: 43122 Christy St, Fremont, CA  94538 (Inside the Executive Lincoln Center off Highway 880, Exit Auto Mall) We're right across from Pacific Commons Plaza where there is plenty of shopping, dining and a movie theater. 

Business Hours: Monday - Saturday 10:00am - 6:00pm

Call or Text Us: 510-472-4181  - - Email Us: info@dtautospa.com


SCHEDULE Appointment

Auto Detailing Package and 100% Hand Car Wash Services

Full Detailing Service - Interior Only - Exterior Only - Clay Bar Treatment - Odor/Vomit/Smoke Removal - Headlight Cleaning
Ceramic Pro Sport 6 Months Protection
Ceramic Pro Sport offers a more durable protection than waxes or sealant and it last up to 6 months for your vehicle! This service was created for those that don't want to worr...
Selling Your Vehicle Detailing Service
Thinking of selling your car or trading in your car? You only get ONE chance to show potential buyers you have taken the best care of your vehicle. It's ALWAYS recommended to ...
Pre-Owned Auto Detailing Service
If you just purchased a pre-owned vehicle, then this is the service for YOU! We ALWAYS recommend getting a good detail as you have no idea what the previous owner has done inside ...
New Car Detailing Service
If you just purchased a new car within the last 6 months, then this is the service for you! Most people assume a brand new car is as good as it gets and therefore no detailing ...
Black Ops Auto Detailing Service
If you own a black or dark colored vehicle, then this is the service for you! Our Black Ops detailing package is designed for those that want their dark colored vehicle to shine li...
White Heat Auto Detailing Service
Got a White Car? Then this is the auto detailing service for you! We found the perfect wax for white cars! Specially formulated for light to white colors. Micro cleane...
Parent's Choice Detailing Service
Our Parent's Choice Auto Detailing Service was designed for busy parents but it's also for anyone that desires a deep interior cleaning to remove dirt, mud, sand, old fries...
The Works Detailing Service
The Works detailing service is for those that have not had their vehicle detailed in while, if your vehicle needs some TLC, then this is the service for you! This service comes wi...
Platinum Auto Detailing Service
Our Platinum detailing service will remove damaging contaminates from your clear coat leaving it nice and smooth, then our Caranuba wax will create a deep, wet shine. Your interio...
Showroom Auto Detailing Service
If you want to restore that Showroom shine once again, then this service is for YOU! It comes with a light polish to remove minor imperfections such as very minor swirl marks and f...
Overhaul Detailing Service
We realize time can simply pass us by and before you know it, it's been a few years since you've had a professional auto detailing service done on your car. Our Overhaul De...
Interior Only Detailing Services
It's highly recommended to get the interior of your car professionally detailed at least twice a year. Leaving dirt, grime and spills on your car's leather, carpets or uph...
Exterior Only Detailing Service
When it comes to 100% Hand Exterior services we give you options to select from! All services below comes with: 100% Hand Wash with the human touch. Silk Towel Drying to pre...
Car Wash Services
When it comes to 100% Hand Car Wash we give you options to select from! We offer the best 100% Hand Car Wash for your vehicle. Your vehicle is an investment and we treat it as...
Headlight Restoration
Have you checked your car Headlights lately? Are your car's headlights dull, cloudy or yellowish? To improve your safety while driving, we can restore yellow, oxidized he...
Engine Cleaning
A CLEAN ENGINE IS A HAPPY ENGINE! Next to your paint, your engine is one of the most expensive parts of your car. Many people feel, a clean car engine is ...
Affordable Mini Detailing Service
If you keep your vehicle pretty clean and it just needs some sprucing up, then this service will do the trick! Compact Car $195 Mid-Full Size Car $245 Stationwagon, SUV, Min...
Motorcycle Detailing Service
At DoubleTake Auto Spa we have the products, skill and knowledge required to restore your motocycle back to the like new again with a better than Showroom shine! Detailing motorcyc...
Expecting Mother Detailing Service
Congratulations on your expecting baby from DoubleTake Auto Spa! Don't bring your newborn home in a dirty, germ infected vehicle. Allow DoubleTake Auto Spa to get your car r...
Luxury or High-End Car Auto Detailing
You purchased the best, therefore make sure you're keeping it well maintained by the best! If you put unleaded fuel in your luxury car, the engine will not last long. The s...
Paint Preservation and Protection
Ceramic Coating Protection
Offers 2 or 5 Years | Life Time protection with warrenty
Paint Protection Film - Clear Bra
3M or Xpel

Paint Correction

Removal of Swirl Marks | Scuff or Scratches | Oxidation | Shine Restorer
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