Cockpit Interior Trim Sealant

Add our Interior Trim Sealant to any service for an additional $95-$150

Seal and protect all interior surfaces!

Now you can keep the interior of your car looking and feeling new. Cockpit Trim Sealant is an invisible, advanced synthetic polymer coating that provides a durable coating of protection and beauty to all leather, plastic, vinyl, rubber, wood and metal interior trim! 


Without proactive maintenance, interior trim fades, stains, cracks and dries out over time reducing your car’s beauty and value. The sun, extreme temperatures, humidity levels, and normal wear-and-tear are continually attacking your car’s interior trim surfaces and components.

Cockpit Trim Sealant stops deterioration in its tracks with one simple and easy to use product that will cover the surface with a clear synthetic polymer coating. Protect your interior from ultraviolet sun rays, extreme fluctuations in temperatures, food spills, lipstick, body oils, grease, grime and more!

Besides protecting all the plastic, rubber and vinyl trim inside your car from deteriorating, Cockpit Trim Sealant also preserves and beautifies the appearance to maintain the vehicle’s value and aesthetics. 

Cockpit Trim Sealant is non-greasy, non-oily and it dries fast after application. The synthetic polymers revitalize dull, faded surfaces bringing them back to life keeping them looking factory-new.

Keep your interior clean and looking new.

Cockpit Trim Sealant restores the richness of color to older vehicles and amps up the appearance of new car interiors without leaving an artificial shine or slickness.

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