Exterior Black Trim Restorer

Add this service for an additional $75-$150 to restore your black trim to like new!

Our Black Bumper & Trim Dye will restore black bumpers & trim (Permanently) recolor and protects all black plastic, vinyl & rubber surfaces on your car without silicone. It creates a natural, factory new finish on black bumpers and trim. It will not wash away like most products, this is permanent.


Add this service for an addl $25-$50

New Look Tire and Trim Gel restores faded trim and tires with factory fresh, wet-black shine. The premium oil-based trim dressing restores and shields plastic, rubber, and vinyl surfaces with superior protection against dirt, water, and harmful UV rays. Tire and Trim Gel penetrates deep, nourishes, moisturizes, and restores dried-out and faded trim to perfect shine.  The premium dressing is formulated with special waterproofing agents to help it last through multiple washes. 



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