Hard Water Spot Removal

Solution base removal:  $50-$125: Water spots are a problem that has plagued every car care enthusiast at least once. If water spots are not immediately removed, they will etch the surface, creating an eyesore on your vehicle,.

Wet Sand or Buffing Removal: $150-$350: If the hard water has etched into your car's clear coat it's too late, we will have to either wet sand or buff them out depending on the depth of the water spot.  

Why hard water spots are do difficult to remove:

Many people know that water spotting is unsightly and go to great lengths to prevent it and just plain avoid it………however sprinklers don’t care about your car.  If you are quick with cleaning up these spots while they are fresh they won’t get set into or on the paint.  Along with the minerals left behind on the paint, the water drops act like little magnifying glasses that “burn” the sun’s rays into the paint, this can cause deep etching.

When a water drop is deposited onto your car it carries with it a group of minerals;  Calcium (Ca++), Sodium (Na+), Potassium (K+), and Magnesium (Mg++). Calcium and Magnesium are the most common.  These minerals are in solution and cannot be easily seen until evaporation occurs. These minerals are then left behind (precipitate) as a mineral ring on the object.  The hardness of the water is a product of the amount of minerals within the water.  



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