Paint Coating Protection

What are Paint Coatings: Paint Surface Coatings use unique ingredients -often quartz, silicium, or resins- to create a thick, durable and reflective shell of protection on your paint. Advances in scientific technology have allowed Paint Coatings to bond powerfully to the paint's microscopic surface, resulting in semi-permanent protection lasts for years or more. 

We offer four different car coatings for you to select from: Optimum Coat, CQuartz by CarPro, Carbon Flex C9, Uber Ceramic Coating

1. Optimum Gloss Coat:

Optimum Gloss-Coat is a high-tech polymer system that forms an extra layer of clear coat over painted surfaces, wheels, plastic trim, bumpers, aluminum, and chrome. Formulated by award-winning Dr. David Ghodoussi, Optimum Gloss-Coat is designed to provide unsurpassed resistance to etching caused by harsh detergents, and swirl marks that are often inflicted during the wash process. Surfaces that are coated with Optimum Gloss-Coat will be protected for up to two years.

Optimum Gloss-Coat is much like the clear coat that already exists on your vehicle, except it forms a shell of protection that is glossier, slicker, and less prone to wash-induced swirl marks and marring. Optimum Gloss-Coat creates a self cleaning finish that is considerably easier to clean and maintain compared to conventional waxes and sealants. 

Optimum Gloss-Coat is an additional barrier between the elements and your vehicle's paint. The paint will retain its color and contaminants will be blocked out to keep the paint smooth and clean. Unlike waxes and paint sealants that require frequent reapplication, Optimum Gloss-Coat provides constant, unyielding protection for up to two years!

Once Optimum Gloss-Coat cures, washing is the only maintenance needed to keep your vehicle looking fantastic. The coating can be clayed but it should not be necessary since Gloss-Coat releases contaminants easily. 

Price $499 - $899 (Additional layer $99, not necessary but some people like multiple layers of protection)


2. CQuartz

CQuartz by CarPro is a anti-static, weather-resistant nano coating that shines and protects your vehicle like nothing else! CQuartz works on the molecular level to transform the surface. Once treated with CQuartz, your vehicle will repel water and contaminants, and it will maintain a clear, reflective, hard-as-nails shine. One application can last two years!

If you're tired of frequent waxing, listen to this: CQuartz Ceramic Quartz Paint Protection creates an ultra durable surface that minimizes paint maintenance for up to two years. A CQuartz-treated vehicle stay cleaner longer, require less frequent polishing, and require no additional paint protection!

CQuartz fills in minor swirls.CQuartz provides:

Ultra hard coating. CQuartz contains ceramic nano particles, which create an extremely hard finish that is scratch-resistant and durable. The average thickness of Cquartz layer is between 0.7 µm ~1.5 µm.

Weather-resistance. CQuartz provides durable protection against rain, sun, salt, and anything else Mother Nature throws at it. The anti-corrosive coating holds up in all weather conditions.

High gloss shine. CQuartz contains nano fiber glass, resulting in a deep, reflective shine.

Water and oil proof finish. CQuartz provides incomparably strong water and oil repellency. This hydrophobic effect prevents water spots and oily stains from attaching to the paintwork.

Smooth, dirt repellent surface. CQuartz's nano particles fill in tiny swirls and imperfections in the paint to make it perfectly smooth. Therefore, dirt and dirty water cannot settle into any crevices. The finish is also resistant to bugs, UV rays, acids, and salts. Plus, the slick surface is anti-static and washes off easily.

Anti Calcium Effect. CQuartz prevents mineral deposits from bonding to the vehicle's surface so water spots can be wiped off.

Detergent-resistant protection. CQuartz cannot be removed by water, alkaline or other detergents, or by pressure washers. It lasts up to two years!

Self-cleaning effect. Most dirt and debris will not stick in the first place so you may find yourself washing your vehicle much less often.

Price: $899 - $1299  (Additional layer $299 each, not necessary but some people like multiple layers of protection)


3. Carbon Flex C9

Chemical Guys Carbon Flex C9 Protective Coating Kit


Give your paint a solid carbon coating!

Carbon Flex C9 Protective Coating is the latest in ceramic coating technology. Their flexible coating technology makes the Carbon Flex C9 Protective Coating conform to the surface of the car, increasing hydrophobic qualities and protecting it from the harsh elements. Featuring a 36 month durability and unique scratch rejection, Carbon Flex C9 Protective Coating not only protects your paint and leave a brilliant finish behind, but also prevents any future damage!

 Carbon Flex C9 Protective Coating enhances any paint’s finish with superior optical clarity and intense protection. The anti-static properties reject any dirt or contaminants from sticking to the paint while the hydrophobicity rolls any debris from the paint along with the water.

Carbon Flex C9 Protective Coating will protect your paint for up to 36 months from harsh UV rays, extreme weather, and everyday road grime and dirt. You’ll find your paint resists bug droppings and remains when protected, making maintenance washes a breeze.

Price: $399 - $699  (Add addtional layer for $199, not necessary but some people like multiple layers of protection)


4. Uber Ceramic by Wolfgang 

Uber Ceramic Coating provides protection measured in years, not weeks or months. Uber Ceramic Coating lasts up to 3 years on painted surfaces. It offers protection without compromise. And the shine, it must be seen to believe.

Wolfgang Uber Ceramic Coating blankets your vehicle in a glossy shell of ceramic protection that complements all colors. Black will appear infinitely deep; red will dazzle with bright reflections; white and silver will appear as if molten glass was poured over the finish, giving the appearance that an extra layer or two of clear coat was applied. Regardless of the color of your vehicle, Uber Ceramic Coating will make it shine better than it ever has.Relentless water beading and a self-cleaning effect will keep your car shining bright in between washes.

Uber Ceramic Coating is not a wax or synthetic paint sealant, but rather a clear resin that chemically bonds to clear coat, creating a tough-as-nails shell of protection that can withstand repeated exposure to environmental contaminants without wearing off. Uber Ceramic Coating protects against wash-induced swirl marks, oxidation, bug stains, road salt, water spots, and bird droppings. This actually decreases the cost of maintaining your vehicle because less maintenance is required to keep the exterior looking clean and shiny.

Wolfgang Uber Ceramic Coating forms an extremely glossy shell of protection that is on average 50 times thicker than a conventional car wax or synthetic paint sealant. This enables Uber Ceramic Coating to withstand repeated car washes without wearing thin.

Vehicles that have been coated with the unmatched protection of Wolfgang Uber Ceramic Coating will repel dirt, oil, dust, and road grime to provide incredible ease of maintenance. You’ll be amazed at just how clean your vehicle stays in between washes. 

Price: $599 - $699  (Add addtional layer for $199, not necessary but some people like multiple layers of protection)

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