Add a polish to your detailing service for a crisp shine for an additional $125-$300 depending on size of vehicle.

Do I need a Polish?  If you haven't been waxing your car at least 2-4 times a year, you probably need a polish to restore the shine.

If you've been going to the local car wash: You probably need a polish due to the swirl marks they produce on your car's paint. Our polish will remove/improve minor swirl marks or marring. 

If you haven't had a clay bar treatment in the last 12 months: You probably need a polish as old contaminates can make your paint look dull our polish will offer a nice, crisp shine.


Polishing is a broad term for a range of processes designed to either remove or mask sub-surface paint defects and greatly enhance surface gloss in readiness for sealant or wax protection

  • Get rid of light imperfections, scratches, and swirls, finishes like a fine polish, restores lustrous shine and deep reflection, then adds a layer of durable protection against the elements.
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