Purified Water Exterior Wash

Get your car washed with Puriifed Water for an additional charge of only $20-$60.

Oh, those dreaded water spots. Wash your car, rinse it, and if the water dries, "Oh sheet!" Now you have to polish out all the spots. No more. our exclusive ion-exchange resins that remove minerals from the water through a process that binds them to the resin. Because the majority of the impurities are dissolved, deionization produces highly purified water, so no more spots! 

Educational Tips

Car washing spots occur because the water evaporates and any minerals in the water are left behind as residue. The best car wash water, of course, is low TDS water. Removing all of the mineral content of water. The process of deionization removes all the minerals and will certainly produce a spot-free wash. Without minerals, water just disappears, leaving nothing on the vehicle.

Water spots occur because all water is full of minerals, like calcium, magnesium, sodium, and various other dissolved mineral salts.  When water evaporates, it leaves these minerals behind on the vehicle in little rings that we call water spots. Eventually, minerals etch auto paint.  It's best to prevent water spots altogether. 

Dissolved mineral solids are either positively charged cations or negatively charged anions. The exchange resin in our systems replaces cations with hydrogen. This exchange produces acids that are neutralized by anion exchange resin. The result of this process is hydroxide. Hydrogen plus hydroxide equals pure, clean water.

Without minerals, water just disappears, leaving nothing on the vehicle.

The CR Spotless Water Systems prevent water spots and mineral etching.

Here's a list of some of the benefits:

  • No need forus to towel-dry your vehicle as the water will simply roll off your vehicle!
  • Eliminates the risk of towel-induced paint marring, like swirls and fine scratches.
  • By preventing water spots, you're also preventing etching.
Water spots can leave permanent marks on the paint, but the CR Spotless Systems allow you to wash, rinse, and walk away.


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