Affordable Summer Time Shine Auto Detailing Service
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It's time to SHINE!  We want everyone to be able to experience getting a professional detailing service by DoubleTake Auto Spa!  Our Summertime Shine Detailing Service includes eveything to protect your car from the extreme heat, while spurring up your interior as well.  This service is for vehicles that are pretty much well maintain but just need a nice wax and decent interior cleaning.  

This service will only take 1.5 hours as it doesn't include all the bells and whisle like our other detailing service but will still make your car look good!

Compact Car $175 | Sedan $195

Included in this service
  • Foam bath to safety remove dust, dirt and grime
  • Summer wax for a rich summer time shine
  • Tires & Rims are cleaned
  • Wheel well is cleaned
  • Bug removal
  • Window Cleaning
  • ADD a Claybar Treatment to remove damaging contaminates from your clear coat for only $75, regular $125
  • Nice interior cleaning of your dashboard, steering wheel, all gauges, console, cup-holder, door, etc.
  • Once your interior is cleaned, we apply a non-greasy interior shine to protect against sun damage.
  • Deep vacuuming to remove dirt from in between the seat, underneath and on top of seat
  • Window and mirrors are cleaned
  • Foot, brake and foot rest area is cleaned
  • Deep vacuuming of your floorboard and mats
  • pH balance cleaning of leather seats
  • ADD: For a deep, cleaning add Steam for only $95, regular price $125
  • ADD: Leather conditioning to prevent cracking and pre-mature aging for only $50, regular $75

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