Black Ops Detailing Service
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  • Ford detailing by DoubleTake Auto Spa
  • Ford black detailing by DoubleTake Auto Spa

If you own a Black or Dark Colored Vehicle, then this is the service for you! Our Black Ops detailing package is designed for those that want their dark colored vehicle to shine like never before. BLACK is unlike any color in the world, and as such it shouldn’t be treated like any other color. Black and dark colored paintwork require a special formula to provide the maximum level of depth.   Automobile paint faces a constant onslaught from the elements. Sunlight, weather, and pollution damage can degrade painted finishes over time. Without protection, black paint fades, oxidizes, and degrades to the point of peeling. This wax contains premium UV inhibitors that block harmful UVA and UVB solar rays, protecting and maintaining the lustrous color and paint integrity on your vehicle. This wax will add tons of extra shine, gloss, deep-wet reflections, and durable protection against the elements. 

Special - Purchase one detailing service at regular price, save $75 off second service. Some restrictions do apply

                         Compact Car $345 / Mid-Full Size Car $395

                          Crossover, SUV, Minivan, Sm. Truck $445 

Included in this service
  • 100% hand wash with our bio-degradable soap that is enriched with foaming agents to loosen and lubricate dirt safely
  • Clay Bar Treatment: Black and dark colored vehicles will become dull if contaminates aren't removed from your paint. This will deep clean the pores of your car's paint. Improving the overall look and feel
  • Wax strictly designed for black/dark colored cars. This unique wax & polish combo will remove very minor swirl mark, create a brilliant shine while adding a layer of protection against the UV rays of the sun!
  • Tires scrub cleaning is performed to remove all dirt and grime
  • Tire sealant is applied to protect and hydrate tires to prevent cracking - it last for weeks, not days
  • Tree Sap & Bug Removal
  • Gas Cap & Tail Pipes are cleaned
  • All chrome is polished
  • Trunk is cleaned and vacuumed
  • Door jambs and seals are cleaned
  • Black trim is cleaned and treated
  • Thorough Interior Cleaning: We clean every inch of your interior; all gauges, vents, steering wheel, door panel & pockets, instrument panel, knobs, cup-holders, cracks and crevice
  • Interior rubber, vinyl or plastic is treated and protect to keep it looking great longer
  • Windows, Mirrors & Sunroof are cleaned
  • 2 Stage Deep Vacuum: We thoroughly vacuum your floorboards, mats and seats. We don't miss anything, in between your seat, under and above making sure all dirt is removed
  • Seats: Upholstery seats will be deep vacuumed. Leather seats will be cleaned with our pH balance leather cleaner
Other People Added
  • Seats Shampoo $50-$95, extra
  • Jet Seal 1 Year Exterior Sealant Protection $195, extra
  • Air Dry Only $20-$60, extra
  • Purified Water $20-$60, extra
  • Hard Water Spot Removal $50-$350, extra
  • Chemical Free Interior Cleaning $25-$50, extra
  • Pet Hair Removal $50-$95, extra
  • Carpet Shampoo $50-$95, extra
  • Leather Seat Conditioning $50-$100, extra
  • Engine Cleaning $50-$100, extra
  • Headlight Restoration $75-$150, extra
  • Ceramic Coating - 2 yrs Protection $699-$1199, extra

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