Expecting Mother Detailing Service
  • Auto Detail of Minivan
  • Car interior cleaning in Fremont
  • Professional auto detailing in Newark
  • Professional auto detailing in Fremont
  • Professional auto detailing of black Truck
  • Interior and exterior car cleaning in Union City
  • Interior and exterior auto detailing in Fremont
  • auto Interior and exterior detailing
  • Car interior cleaning in Fremont
  • Interior Carpet Detailing by DoubleTake Auto Spa
  • Interior Cleaning for car #mom

 Congratulations on your expecting baby from DoubleTake Auto Spa!

Don't bring your newborn home in a dirty, germ infected vehicle. Allow DoubleTake Auto Spa to get your car ready for your new bundle of joy with our bio-degradable, non-toxic detailing service design just for expecting moms. 

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                            Compact Car $345   /   Mid-Full Size Car $375     

                                Crossover, SUV, Minivan, Sm. Truck $495            


Included in this service
  • 100% Hand Wash: Wash & Wax Combination, our soap will clean your vehicle while adding a dose of gloss
  • Tires and wheels are cleaned and degreased
  • Tire dressing to condition
  • Windows are cleaned
  • Trunk and jambs are cleaned
  • Black trim shine on all plastic
  • Tail Pipe are cleaned and polished
  • Thorough chemical free cleaning: We clean every inch of your interior; all gauges, vents, steering wheel, door panel & pockets, instrument panel, knobs, cup-holders, cracks and crevice
  • Interior rubber, vinyl or plastic is treated and protect with non-greasy solution to keep your interior looking great longer
  • Windows, mirrors & sunroof are cleaned
  • 2 stage deep vacuum technique to remove all dirt and crumbs on top of seats, underneath, in-between your seats, mats and floorboard
  • Cloth seats are gently shampooed to remove/improve stains
  • Leather seats are cleaned with our ph balanced leather cleaner
  • Floorboards & mats are shampooed
Other People Added
  • Headlight Restoration $75-$150, extra
  • Polish for a deep shine starting at $150+
  • Wax Upgrade $45-$125, extra
  • Exterior Claybar Treatment $75-$150, extra
  • Pet Hair Removal $50-$95, extra

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