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You purchased the best, therefore make sure you're keeping it well maintained by the best!

If you put unleaded fuel in your luxury car, the engine will not last long. The same goes for the paint surface and interior. If low-quality cleaning supplies is used on your luxury car, it's going to have a low quality appearance. Some think, It would be easy to take your car to the local car wash, but when you consider the price of your luxury, perhaps it is not best to trust your car to just anyone.  DoubleTake Auto Spa of Fremont is considered one of the best luxury auto detailing company in the Bay Area, we are devoted to providing you with the most exquisite detailing process, combined with the best unparalleled service.

Once you drop your luxury car off, should you need a ride back home/work we will cover an Uber Black Professional Service. 

Only our very best products will be used for maximum results. 

Duration: 1-2 days

  • Purified Water
  • Luxury Soap Conditionier to wash and condition your paint 
  • New Wook Washing Mitts 
  • New Silk Drying Towels
  • Pressure blow all cervices and emblem 

*the new wash mitt and silk drying towel, you can take with you or we can store it for you)


Compact luxury Sport Car  $895
High-End Luxury Sedan $995
Luxury SUV or Crossover $1295



Highly Recommended Upgrades

Ceramic Coating 2, 5 or Life Time Protection with Warranty - Save $200 
Ceramic coatings are far more durable than any wax, protecting and preserving your car for years while delivering a better than Showroom Shine, guaranteed! They are super hydrophobic which repels water, dirt and grime to keep your car cleaner, longer. Protecting against harmful contaminates that can damage your car's paint. The slick surface makes cleaning your car a breeze!  No waxing is required once your car is protected with a Ceramic Coating!

Paint Protection Film (PPF) Also known as Clear Bra - 7 - 10 Years Protection - Save $200
Protect your car paint from getting those nasty rock chips and scratches with a 3M or Xpel Clear Bra Protection.  Part of your Hood | Whole Hood | Bumper | Door Trim and the list goes on. We invite you to schedule a FREE vehicle inspection to determine the best option for you and your new car!









Included in this service
  • Bio-degradable Wash with purified water
  • Special blend luxury car soap with conditioners to clean and condition your paint
  • Claybar Treatment is performed to remove damaging contaminates to improve the feel of your paint
  • New wool wash mitts for a swirl free wash
  • Rims and caliber are thoroughly cleaned
  • Wheel well are cleaned and treated
  • Tires are scrubbed to remove all dirt and grime, then our Tire Coating is applied to keep them looking black for up to 6 months
  • We first pressure blow most of the water off your car, remaining water will be removed with a new silk drying towel
  • Windshield Claybar Treatment for a deep clean, then polished creating a crystal, clear windshield
  • Tailpipes are cleaned and polished
  • All chrome are polished to reveal an amazing shine
  • One-Stage polish to remove and/or improve light swirl marks and paint imperfections
  • Door handle cup is polished to remove scratches
  • Options: We can apply our top of the line Caranuba paste wax OR 6 months Ceramic Coating
  • Every nook and cranny is cleaned with only the best, high-end products
  • Dashboard, console, all gauges, steering wheel, cup-holder, door and door pockets, etc are thoroughly cleaned
  • Leather Seat face: Leatherique Rejuvenator Oil work with a capillary action, working deep into the natural pores of the leather and force out the dirt, perspiration and air pollution for a deep cleaning
  • Deep vacuuming to remove dirt from in between the seat, underneath and on top of seat
  • Goat Hair leather cleaning brushes with pH balance leather clean will get the rest of your leather nice and clean
  • Pressure blow air vents
  • Crevices are cleaned with detailing brushes
  • 2 Stage Deep Vacuum techniques are used to remove all dirt, dust and grime
  • Foot, brake and foot rest area is cleaned
  • Carpets and mats are steamed, then shampooed
  • All leather is treated and protected, lasting up to 6 months
  • All windows, mirrors and sunroof are cleaned
  • Trunk is deep vacuumed and lightly shampooed

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