Motorcycle Detailing Service

At DoubleTake Auto Spa we have the product, skill and knowledge required to restore your motorcycle back to the original showroom condition. Detailing a motorcycle can be a challenge, and require an extensive array of waxes, sealants, tar removers, degreasers, metal polishes, and polishes. We meticulously clean the numerous intricate parts of your motorcycle. 

Service Time: 3-5 hours - depending on condition of your motorcycle

Price: $295 - $445

Included in this service
  • Wash with soap designed for motorcycle cleaning
  • Steam clean to break down built up grease and dirt for a deep clean
  • Blow Dry: thoroughly blown dry and wiped down to make sure that there aren’t any streaks or spots remaining.
  • FRONT WHEEL: Tire sides, white walls, rims, spokes, axel, wheel cover plates, brake plate, shocks, arms and fender.
  • TOP MID SECTION: Gas tank, gas tank lid, seat (leather or vinyl), chrome studs on seats, seat bands/belt, passenger seat/backrest and passenger grab handles.
  • COCK PIT: Head light, blinkers, handle bars, brake handles, cables, handle pads, instrument panel (speedometer, odometer, tachometer, fuel gauges), mirrors and windshield.
  • BACK WHEEL: Tire sides, white walls, rims, spokes, axel, brake plate, wheel cover plates, shocks/shock springs, arms, chain, chain guard, chain gear (if exposed), fender, tail light, blinkers, luggage rack, license plate and license plate frame.
  • SURFACES: Various metals: chrome, brass, copper, bronze, colored cast, aluminum and painted metals. Vinyl, leather, rubber, plastics, fiberglass, acrylic, plexiglass, wood and fabrics. Painted areas, new and old decals (cleaning or removal), new and old s
  • BELOW MID SECTION: Below gas tank components, frame, pipes, cables, chain, chain guard, engine, engine plates, head cover, cylinders, engine fins, pipes, running boards, peddles, kick stand, center stand, engine underside and the belly of the bike

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