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If you just purchased a new car within the last 6 months, then this is the service for you! Most people assume a brand new car is as good as it gets and therefore no detailing work is required. This actually isn’t the case, you should always start with proper surface preservation and protection when the vehicle is brand new in order to keep it looking its best longer.  Most new vehicles do not come with a high-end coat of wax to protect it against the UV rays of the sun, bird droppings, tree sap, and the list goes on. Why not ensure your vehicle remains as beautiful as the day you bought it and stays protected from the elements well into the future?

Special - Purchase one detailing service at regular price, save $75 off second service. Some restrictions do apply

                               Compact Car $295 |  Mid-Full Size Car $345  

                                Crossover, Minivan, SUV, Sm. Truck $425

Included in this service
  • Gentle wash to remove oils, shipping residue, dirt or waxes that may have been applied. This will ensure a good bond when we apply a fresh coat of wax and sealant
  • Clay Bar Treatment: Deep cleans the pores of your car's paint to remove damaging contaminates
  • Wax: Carnauba wax delivers an unmatched surface shine and deep wet look
  • Tires are cleaned and treated to protect and hydrate tires
  • Sealant: Our 6 months sealant will continue to protect your vehicle once the wax is gone
  • Engine Compartment: Despite the fact we’re dealing with a brand new car, some areas under the hood can use attention. We wiped down everything. Then, we add a layer of protection on all plastic components.
  • Seals: These are often overlooked, is the treatment and conditioning of the seals around the car. Over time, the seals can start to dry and harden, which can lead to leaks and / or unwanted wind noise
  • Thorough Interior Cleaning: We clean every inch of your interior; all gauges, vents, steering wheel, door panel & pockets, instrument panel, knobs, cup-holders, cracks and crevice
  • To keep your new car looking its best much longer, we treat and protect just about every surface inside to protect against harmful UV rays, spills and dirt
  • 2 Stage deep vacuum technique to remove dirt or crumbs
  • Seats: Upholstery seats are vacuumed, then scotch guard. Leather seats are cleaned with ph balance leather cleaner, then leather conditioner is applied which has vitamin E and UV protection to help prevent cracking
Other People Added
  • Pet Hair Removal $50-$100, extra
  • Purified Water $20-$60, extra
  • New Wool-skin Wash Mitt $35, extra
  • Air Dry Only $20-$60, extra
  • Jet Seal 1 Year Exterior Sealant Protection $125, extra
  • Ceramic Coating - 2 yrs Protection $399-$1500, extra

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