Parent's Choice Detailing Service

Our Parent's Choice Auto Detailing Service was designed for busy parents but it's also for anyone that desires a deep interior cleaning to remove dirt, mud, sand, old fries, goldfish crackers crumbs, juice spills and dust build up. We care about your little ones, therefore our "chemical free cleaning products"  and "steam cleaning to remove germs and bacteria" are included for FREE with this service. 

Special - Purchase one detailing service at regular price, save $75 off second service. Some restrictions do apply         

                   Compact Car $295  / Mid-Full Size Car $ 345      

                    Crossover, SUV, Minivan, Sm. Trucks $445


Included in this service
  • Wash & Wax Combination, our soap will clean your vehicle while adding a dose of gloss
  • Tree sap and bug removal
  • Tires are scrubbed clean to remove all dirt and grime, then treated with a sealant that last for weeks, not days.
  • Windows and mirrors are cleaned
  • Black trim is cleaned and treated
  • Trunk and all jambs cleaned
  • Tail Pipes are cleaned
  • Grill, license plate and headlight are cleaned to remove bugs
  • Thorough Interior Cleaning with Chemical Free products: We clean every inch of your interior; all gauges, vents, steering wheel, door panel & pockets, instrument panel, knobs, cup-holders, cracks and crevice
  • Steam cleaning is performed throughout to ensure germs and bacteria are removed
  • Interior rubber, vinyl or plastic is treated and protect with non-greasy solution to keep your interior looking great longer
  • 2 Stage deep vacuum technique to remove all dirt and crumbs on top of the seats, underneath, in-between your seats, mats and floorboard
  • We first hand shampoo your carpets, mats and upholstery seats to agitate the dirt to bring it to the surface, then we use our heat extractor to remove all the dirt and grime, leaving your carpets looking nice and clean!
  • Leather seats are cleaned with pH balanced leather cleaner to remove dirt safely
  • Upholstery Seats are deep vacuumed, then shampooed
  • Windows, Mirrors & Sunroof are cleaned
  • Trunk is vacuumed and shampooed
Other People Added
  • Leather Seats Conditioning $50-$100, extra
  • Headlight Restoration $50-$150, extra
  • Wax Upgrade $45-$125, extra
  • Clay Bar Treatment $75-$125, extra
  • Polish to a deep shine $95-$195, extra
  • Chemical Free Interior Cleaning $25-$50, extra
  • Pet Hair Removal $ 50-$95, extra
  • Ceramic Coating - 2 years Exterior Protection! $699-$1199

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