Showroom Auto Detailing Service

If you want to restore that Showroom shine once again, then this service is for YOU! It comes with a light polish to remove minor imperfections such as very minor swirl marks and fine lines from your car's paint, while delivering an amazing shine!  Includes a nice interior cleaning for that new like feel and smell!

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Compact Car $595 | Mid-Full Size Car $695
Small: Crossover, SUV, Minivan, Truck $795
Large: Crossover, SUV, Minivan, Truck $895



Highly Recommended Upgrades

Ceramic Coating 2, 5 or Life Time Protection with Warranty - Save $100 
Ceramic coatings are far more durable than any wax, protecting and preserving your car for years while delivering a better than Showroom Shine, guaranteed! They are super hydrophobic which repels water, dirt and grime to keep your car cleaner, longer. Protecting against harmful contaminates that can damage your car's paint. The slick surface makes cleaning your car a breeze!  No waxing is required once your car is protected with a Ceramic Coating!

Paint Protection Film (PPF) Also known as Clear Bra - 7 - 10 Years Protection - Save $50
Protect your car paint from getting those nasty rock chips and scratches with a 3M or Xpel Clear Bra Protection.  Part of your Hood | Whole Hood | Bumper | Door Trim and the list goes on. We invite you to schedule a FREE vehicle inspection to determine the best option for you and your new car!



Included in this service
  • 100% hand wash with bio-degradable soap to loosen and remove dirt safely
  • Clay Bar Treatment: Deep clean the pores of your car's paint to remove damaging contaminates
  • 3M Finesse Polish: Spectacular results in removing minor imperfections such as Minor scratches, swirls, water spots and oxidation.
  • Showroom Paste Wax: We make it possible to attain that gorgeous, glossy-extraordinary shine with our high-end paste wax that offers the most sought-after appearance for your car’s paint
  • Black Trim: We apply a black trim gel to penetrate deep into your trim providing long lasting protections for month, this sealant also helps to prevent your trim from becoming dull
  • Tires are scrubbed for a deep clean to remove dirt and grime
  • Tire sealant is applied to protect and hydrate tires keeping them looking black longer, prevents cracking, browning and premature aging, while providing a wet-look with a dark shine that will last for weeks, not days
  • All chrome is cleaned and polished
  • Tail pipes are cleaned and polished
  • Gas Cap area is cleaned to remove old gas build up
  • Thorough Interior Cleaning: We clean every inch of your interior; all gauges, vents, steering wheel, door panel & pockets, instrument panel, knobs, cup-holders, cracks and crevice
  • Interior rubber, vinyl or plastic is treated and protect with non-greasy solution to keep your interior looking great longer
  • 2 Stage deep vacuum technique to remove all dirt and crumbs on top of seats, underneath, in-between your seats, mats and floorboard
  • We first hand shampoo your carpets, mats and upholstery seats to agitate the dirt to bring it to the surface, then we use our heat extractor to remove all the dirt and grime, leaving your carpets looking nice and clean!
  • Leather seats are cleaned with ph balanced leather cleaner and conditioned to help prevent cracking
  • Upholstered seats will be shampooed and scotch-guarded to help protect against future spills
  • Trunk will be deep vacuumed and shampooed
  • Foot & Brake Pedal are cleaned
  • All jambs and window seals are cleaned and treated
Other People Added
  • Pet Hair Removal $50-$150, extra
  • Jet Seal 1 Year Exterior Sealant Protection $295, extra
  • Air Dry Only $20-$60, extra
  • Foul Odor Removal $50-$95, extra
  • Engine Cleaning $100-$150 extra
  • New Wool-skin Wash Mitt $35, extra
  • Boutique Soft Soap Wash $20-$60, extra
  • Purified Water Only $20-$60, extra
  • Headlight Restoration $125-$150, extra
  • 2 Year Exterior Ceramic Coating Protection $699-$2199, extra

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