Are Ceramic Coatings Really Worth It

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Are Ceramic Coatings Really Worth It

ceramic car coating

One of the newest and most innovative methods for protecting and safeguarding cars exterior and interior is ceramic coating.  A ceramic coating is a relatively new approach for protecting cars that have been expertly innovated by the automotive detailing industry.  But the biggest question on everyone’s mind is, is it worth it?

What a lot of people are concerned about is that ceramic coating, to some, is a lot of money to spend on one application. Also, because ceramic coating is a somewhat new technology, people are unsure if they should trust it.

Ceramic Coating

Ceramic coating. The newest and coolest method for protecting a car.  The short answer to the above question as to whether or not ceramic coatings are really worth it is yes, they most definitely are! Ceramic coating a car gives it longevity in protection, something that no other method of protecting a car can do. A ceramic paint coating on the exterior of a car can do wonders for protecting it for a very long time, and the same coating can be done on the interior too to protect that as well.

Here are some reasons why ceramic coatings are so strongly recommended:

⦁ It’s the best car paint protection out there.  Because a ceramic coating is literally a thick coating on every square inch of the exterior metal and plastic on a car, it completely encases the exterior of a car and protects it from sand, dirt, gravel, mud, insects, etc.

⦁ A ceramic coating lasts much longer than other types of approaches. We are talking several years here.

 The car stays cleaner when it is ceramic-coated.  Because the ceramic coat repels dirt, grime, and the daily refuse collected from driving, a ceramic coat helps a car stay cleaner for longer.

 One of the best things about a ceramic coat is that it totally eliminates the need for car waxing. That’s right, no more waxing your ride!  A ceramic coated car just needs to be washed once in a while and it will look like it did the day you took it off the lot.

 A ceramic coating is incredibly cost effective and this is what most people do not realize. But it’s true, getting your car ceramic coated is actually more affordable in the long run than washing and waxing.  A good ceramic coating job costs about $1,500. However, that coating will last for five years! That’s five years of not having to have as regular of a professional washing and five years of zero waxing! Most people spend about a grand a year on washing and waxing their high-end cars.  With a good, ceramic coat, all of that can be avoided for half a decade.

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