How Do Swirl Marks Get Into my Car’s Paint

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How Do Swirl Marks Get Into my Car’s Paint

swirl marks

Detailing a car is a very specific and a very exacting process, one of which takes both time and skill. There are many different methods and aspects to detailing a car. What is truly interesting about this field is that there are correct ways to detail a car, and then there are incorrect ways to go about it that some people still might think are correct.  Anyone can say that they can detail a car, but if they do not have the experience and the knowledge necessary to do a great job, they might end up doing more damage than good as a result of using improper detailing techniques.

Take swirl marks for example. Here is a great example of aa phenomenon that occurs when improper detailing is done on a car. Swirl marks are very fine scratches on the paint of your car, caused by wiping a car down when it is dusty, or by using poor washing and drying techniques. What a lot of people do not know is that every time they wash their car, they create super fine scratches in the paint (micro marring). The accumulation of such scratches creates swirl marks.

Car Detailing

As mentioned, car detailing and auto detailing is a very delicate and precise trade, one of which should be handled expertly. Swirl marks are a very non-ideal result of an amateur washing job. Here’s what can cause swirl marks to occur:

⦁ Using a polisher or buffer incorrectly or using the wrong pads.

⦁ Using harsh or caustic polishes and compounds on the car.

⦁ Using towels and wiping cloths that contain polyester threads.

⦁ Using a bad chamois.

⦁ Wiping a dusty, dry car with a dry towel. (Always a bad idea).

⦁ Not keeping your wash tools properly rinsed out.

⦁ Using an automated car wash.

⦁ Not rinsing the car before washing, and not rinsing thoroughly before drying.

⦁ Using a dirty car cover or trying to cover a dirty car.

Removing Swirl Marks

The best ways to remove swirl marks is to polish the actual paint on the car itself. There are temporary ways to buff the swirl marks out, but that is only a temporary fix. The best way to address swirl marks is with any paint polish, but some brands make a specific polish that is designed for removing swirl marks.

At DoubleTake Auto Spa, we proudly offer excellent swirl mark removal services. Our approach has been worked on and gone over hundreds of times to perfect our methods and our techniques for addressing swirl marks. We have technicians who specialize in removing swirl marks, and our approach is the best of the best. Call us today for all of your automotive detailing needs at (510) 472-4181.

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