How Often Should I Wax My Car and Why is Waxing so Important

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How Often Should I Wax My Car and Why is Waxing so Important

car wax

A lot of people have a pretty good idea of how to wash and wax a car, but few people know why you should wax a car, or how often you should wax. The industry standard for car detailing and maintenance says that you should wax your car four times a year, or every three months. Some waxing products say that they can protect your car for up to six months, but that’s really just a sales gimmick. Even with the very best quality automotive waxes, they are only truly rated for three months before you will need to wax again.

Now, as for why you need to wax, this is a very important question to answer. Waxing is one of the best ways to protect the exterior paint on your car from scratches and abrasions. Beginning in the 1980s, automotive manufacturers began adding a layer of clear coat to their automotive paints. The clear coat takes a lot of the environmental abuse, but that doesn’t mean that it takes all of the abuse. A lot of people think that waxing a car is only done to improve the look of the car, but this is actually just a secondary bonus. The real reason why waxing needs to be done so regularly is to protect the finish of your car and to add to its overall longevity and lifespan. You want your four-wheeled wonder looking great for its entire lifespan, and waxing is a routine maintenance item that can accomplish this.

Best Car Wax

If you are going to make the effort to wax your car, you are going to want the best car wax possible. A car wax job is not complicated or difficult, but there is definitely a process and a method of how to wax a car.

Two great tips for getting the best wax possible are:

⦁ Don’t skimp on the materials and the tools. Just like with any other area of maintenance, you will get a great product if you simply buy better equipment and materials. As the saying goes, “Don’t buy the cheapest products and tools you can get, buy the most expensive products and tools that you can afford.” In this way, you are truly paying it forward with your vehicle. If you invest in quality waxing tools and professional grade waxing materials, you will get a better end product that will serve its purpose.

⦁ Take your time. What we have found as the number one reason why people are not satisfied with their waxing job on their vehicle is that they did not take their time with it. They rushed the process, skipped steps, or performed certain steps too quickly. Don’t do this on your next waxing job, take your time, do all the steps, and you will notice a difference!

DoubleTake Auto Spa Offers Premier Auto Detailing Services

At DoubleTake Auto Spa, we offer premium quality auto detailing services. Waxing is only one of many automotive detailing services that we offer. We can provide great services for your car like:

⦁ A Complete Auto Detailing Service

⦁ Our Famous Ceramic Coating Protection that Lasts 1-5 years

⦁ Our Paint Correction Service

⦁ Our Jaw Dropping Headlight Restoration

⦁ An Impressive Interior Detailing Service with Steam

⦁ Our Very Own Odor Removal Process

⦁ Our Smoke Smell Removal System

⦁ A Meticulous 100% Hand Car Wash

⦁ Our Very Own Clay Bar Treatment

⦁ Our Perfectionist Exterior Detailing Service

Call DoubleTake Auto Spa today at (510)-472-4181 to make an appointment!

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