How to take care of and maintain your black car shine

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Restoring the wow to your black car

You love your expensive set of wheels. How you wish that it were still in the glistening black mint condition that you bought it. However as everyone knows it is not quite possible, once you start driving the car around. Black colored vehicles especially are notoriously difficult to maintain. They are quite like us humans- prone to damage! With a black car, it is inevitable that those ugly swirl marks are going to catch up with it, if you are not taking proper care of your black vehicle.

However one needn’t fret for help is at hand in the shape of the special black paint maintenance kit from Chemical Guys. This comprises of six items that include one Black Glow Infusion (8oz), one Black Light Radiant Hybrid Finish Gloss enhancer and sealant (16 oz.), two Black Monster Edgeless Microfiber Towels (16”x16”) and two Black Ultrafine W-APS refined home applicators. These help the black colored paintwork retain its original look. At $130 this is one handy product to order.

Washing and waxing a black care is really a specialist activity. Never wash it in direct sunlight. Make sure to you a really good car soap. Before you wax the car, the paint has to be absolutely dry. You should use a wax designed for black cars, apply it by hand using a microfiber wax pad, then buffed off the wax with a monster edgeless microfiber towel to get rid of extra wax and let the shine come through.

For the most definitive upkeep and maintenance of black colored vehicles, one could opt for DoubleTake Auto Spa’s Black Ops detailing service. This service will bring back that WOW factor when you look at your car. Black Ops detailing service will remove minor swirl marks and restore your beloved car to mint condition, all while adding  a nice layer of UV protection for your vehicle.

Black Ops includes a plethora of services that ensure that one’s black car exterior gets to be as good as new.

These includes:

  • 100% hand wash with bio-degradable soap to loosen and lubricate dirt safely
  • Clay Bar Treatment for deep cleaning the pores of the car’s paint
  • Followed by application of wax that is custom made to protect dark colored cars and give them an award winning shine
  • Tires scrub cleaned and tire shine sealant that last for months, not days.
  • Polishing of chrome, cleaning of trunk and door jambs

The interior includes;

  • Thorough cleaning of all windows, mirrors, dashboard, console, gauges, cup-holder, etc.
  • All vinyl, plastic and leather are cleaned and treated
  • Two stage deep vacuum to ensure all dirt, dust, crumbs are removed.

DoubleTake Auto Spa ( has a host of other services like paint coating protection, headlight repair, car leather conditioning, cockpit interior trim sealant, foul-odor, smoke smell removal just to name a few.

Proud owners of black cars, who want their beauty restored to its original dark glory, can take their vehicles to the DoubleTake Auto Spa’s location in Fremont, California or have them send over their auto detailing team to one’s home or place of work.  At DoubleTake you can rest assure that you will get the very best service as we have an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.  We also have more than a hundred highly satisfied customers that have left their personal feedback about their experience with our company on YELP.

If ever there were an A to Z compendium of taking care of the exterior of a black or dark colored car, it would have to be prepared by the Black Ops team at DoubleTake Auto Spa. Give us a call today, you’ll be glad you did!


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