What is the Difference Between Auto Detailing and a Car Wash

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What is the Difference Between Auto Detailing and a Car Wash

car detailing

In any field or profession, there will always be terms and nomenclature for that field that is specific and which pertains to that field alone. What also ends up happening is that, in any given field or profession, when people do not fully understand or know that field, they will undoubtedly have certain confusions or wrong ideas about the terminology of that field. This is true of all fields and professional, including car detailing.

In car detailing, people often do not know what the difference is between washing/cleaning a car and actually detailing it. Perhaps they can hazard a guess, but the two actions taken are worlds apart. Car detailing is a specialized trade and something that people who are trained in that line of work can do and can do well. Car washing is also a specific act, but it is not on the same level as car detailing.

Car Detailing

Car detailing and any type of auto detailing is a very specific, very unique process that is quite different from a car wash. Most people think that car detailing and car washing are the same thing, or are at least similar. They most definitely are not. Here are a few points where car detailing and auto detailing differ from car washing and standard car cleaning:

Simply stated, car detailing is similar to car washing and cleaning, except that car detailing and everything about it is about ten times the work and the intention and the care and the consideration and the effort of car washing. Probably the biggest difference between the two activities is that car detailing is truly work done to the detail, and the end result is a car that looks, inside and out, like it was just driven off of a new car sales lot.

Car detailing involves more steps than car washing and car cleaning. Even when detailing a car, the washing process is more intense than simply washing it as professional detailers use high-end soaps, plush microfiber towels to prevent getting swirl marks in your vehicle’s paint, pressure blow crevices to prevent water run-off, etc. Professional detailing can also include paint correction, swirl marks removal, oxidation removal, buffing and exterior protection with waxes, sealants, ceramic coatings and protective coating, none of which is found at local car wash centers. Detailing the interior requires special tools and techniques to get in those hard to reach areas, pressure air is use to clean vents, Q-tips to clean the tiniest areas such as knob, trim and door jambs, intensive vacuuming, deep cleaning with steam to kill germs and bacteria you can’t see, shampooing of seats, floorboard and mats, cleaning all of the little components, and spot cleaning the interior’s roof, etc. Professional auto detailing is all about the details!

Car detailing is going for an entirely different end result than simple car washing is. Car detailing aims to make a used car look brand new on the inside and out and focuses on being incredibly specific and intensely picky with the job at hand. It addresses all of the labor intensive aspects to cleaning a car that car washing and cleaning activities do not cover. The goal of car detailing is a car that looks and feels brand new inside and out!

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