Client Reviews
Wallace Y
18 May,2017
Hi, this is an update on my recent review.  Sandra took great care of me this morning.   The car needed a wash and I haven't the time.  So I email Sandra earlier this morning to see if she could work me in.  True to her usual great customer service, she set me up for a 1pm appointment.  The car looked spotless!!  This lady really does a top notch job of car detailing as in my previous appointment.   Her crew are outstanding, and take pride in their work. And more important  than anything else, Sandra and her crew are TOTALLY focused on customer service and satisfaction!!   Please give her a try!! Took my car into their Fremont location for some TLC.  The last time they came out to my work place. Sandra and crew are just the best.  Beautiful results inside and out.  Got a chance to chat about how she started her business.  Sandra is a great biz owner and deserves your business  You be very happy with their results!
Ron M
10 June,2017
I am so glad I found this place! I have a special coat on my car, so I wanted to find a place that knows what they are doing. Sandra and her team did an awesome job on my car and bought a year package because I was extremely impressed by their work and customer service. Plus, getting a package will encourage me to bring my car in monthly to get it cleaned. The car was spotless! They used a special type of soap and mitt made specifically for the coat I have on my car. I would definitely recommend bringing your car here to be pampered and looking brand new once they are done.
Jheffrey P
27 June,2017
This place is great!! Sandra was very professional and I felt really really welcomed by her. I wanted a interior detail work on my CX-3 Mazda and Sandra walked me through the process. Sandra and her team did GREAT with my car. My car looked like it was as if I got it from the dealership. I highly recommend coming to this place. ((((:
06 June,2017
My car looks amazing and feels smooth all over after the clay bar work. Customer Service was top notch. They got me in and out same day. They even got me back to work on time for a meeting and picked me up from work when I was ready. Thank you so much Sandra and your team! Very pleased. I'll be back with my other car.
13 May,2017
Best detail shop in the bay! Welcomed me with open arms! My car is in the best condition it has ever been in! Top quality service with a professional staff that takes care of your car like it's there own. Appreciate it alot.
Flora T.
08 July,2017
Good, honest and trustworthy people. I was greeted by Sandra over the phone and she was super friendly and polite. My car hasn't been washed for around two months and it was pretty bad. I had bird poop on my paint, tree sap on my windows, and mysterious substance i got from driving. Sandra suggested for me to have a car wash and a clay bar treatment. At first I wanted to only do a car wash because I wasnt entirely sure what was a clay bar treatment, but I did my research. Even if the car is less than a year old, its a good idea to get a clay bar treatment. Sandra did a sample of the clay bar treatment, and it was definitely a "night and day" difference. In the end, i oped for car wash and a clay bar treatment. My car looked brand new. I was so happy. I wish I took a picture before I had my car washed.
Linda W.
13 January,2017
I am very satisfied with Sandra and her team's service. I took my car in for a interior detailing and leather seat cleaning. Before I went in, I was concerning about if those jean blue dye that is on my sand color leather seat would ever been cleaned off.  Sandra and her team did a great job! My leather seats look like new now! I would recommend them to anyone needs a car detailing service!
Nathan G.
23 June,2017
I was given a present of car detailing for my 60th birthday for my 2002 Audi TT Coupe that was starting to signs of oxidation on the paint. Holy incredible shine batgirl! This place made my TT look better than when I bought it used. I went for The Works to get that deep steam clean on the inside and the 6-month sealant on the outside. All I can say is I keep running my hand over the body of the car because it feels soooooo smooth from the clay bar applications. It is in the garage right now enjoying the lack of sun. Thank you Double Take! I am doing double takes on my own car every time I look out the window or move towards it in a parking lot. I really appreciate the level of detail you gave to my car. I will be back in 6 months for another treatment.
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