Client Reviews
Shelby O.
11 April,2016
We took my grandmothers car here to be fully detailed before driving it up to Washington for my cousin to inherit. Sandra was great. She was flexible with our early drop off. They did an amazing job on the car and my cousin and his wife were so thrilled to have a sparkling clean car. Before getting the car detailed it smelt like an ashtray but after the cleaning the car smelt brand new. I would highly recommend this place.
Angelo M.
08 April,2016
This is my first experience using a car detailing service and Sandra and this company went beyond expectation. Aside from the fact that the interior of my car was spotless, the customer service here is amazing. Sandra makes sure that you walk away satisfied and that you get what you wanted. I only got the interior cleaned but I am looking forward to getting the full detail next time. So glad I found this place. Thank you, Sandra for your service!
Rita V.
03 April,2016
I really loved the service. Everyone is really friendly and easy to talk to. They were nice enough to give me a ride to my home and pick me up when my car was ready. They did such a great job, my car looks brand new inside and out! I have already referred my friend to them because the service was so good. Reasonable prices are a plus. I will definitely be back. And to think I only found them by doing a google search. Feeling Blessed!
Rita V.
01 April,2016
This is long overdue... I found Double Take Auto Spa online after I found out my lame neighbor decided to sand the paint off his wrought iron fence while my car was parked right nxt to it. Of course he didn't notify me of this and after a couple days of it "baking" under the sun, the paint fleck had melded onto my clear coat.  Anyways, I didn't know what kind of damage I was looking at so I started looking around for estimates with collision type places with prices ranging from $200-1000s and a few who then told me to try looking into good detailers. I went to a couple in the area and I either got some outrageous $ estimate, too low, or referred back to shops. The last place I looked into was DTAS and I am SO glad I did. Sandra was incredibly nice just over the phone and without even having booked anything, she explained to me what would most likely need to be done step by step. She gave me info in which if I were ms frugal, I could taken the info gone out and bought the stuff myself and attempted it. Of course I didn't though!  I really liked that she was so informative... Most other places I had gone to seemed to take advantage that I was a woman lugging my 2 small kids with me into businesses run by men and then giving me run arounds or overpricing me. Sandra had me come into their garage to test clean a spot on my car so they'd know what they'd have to do. The test swatch came out nicely so I booked an appt for that weekend. I guess they're usually a mobile business, but since my car had an unusual situation, Sandra had me bring my car into their shop that way they'd have all their tools and products available should they need anything special. Sandra was even very patient with me and the crazy phone call I had to make to my dumb neighbor since he was the one footing the bill for his mistake. I was even given a ride home while they worked on my car, which was nice. My husband picked up the car later that day and when I saw it, the exterior was immaculate. No more paint flecks! My black car looked good as new! Again, I am SO glad I found DTAS and will look into having their "parent pkg" cleaning done to my car in the future. Do not hesitate!
Zameer M.
30 March,2016
My car was a mess both inside and outside. Sandra and team did a fabulous job! She even buffed out a corner where my car had hit a corner of my garage. They take only a few cars a day so they were able to  lavish time on my car.
Yue Z.
23 March,2016
They did a interior for me. Great job! You can not imagine how dirty the car was. Sandra and her team have magic!
Elinor J.
19 March,2016
I have two young kids so my minivan was a Goldfish crumb and some-sort-of-sticky-substance petri dish! I've only taken it in for quick vacuum/wipe-downs, so when I wanted it to get a full detailing, I turned to Yelp and was lucky to have found DoubleTake Auto Spa. I submitted the appointment request form on their website but since I wanted to come in the next day, I called to make sure to get an early time. Sandra was very friendly on the phone and we set an appointment for 10 the next morning. When we arrived, she inspected my van and asked me to show her how to move the middle seats back and forth (since the seats don't come out) to make sure they reach every spot. The kids' mess was more obvious, so I showed her where the dust/crud/grime was in the driver/passenger area I wanted removed and she said they use tiny brushes to get into every crevice. We signed up for the Parent's Choice Detailing Service and she estimated it would take 3 hours.  When we arrived to pick up, Sandra walked us out to inspect the van before we paid. She was patient and insisted we look over everything to make sure they didn't miss any spots. I only found one little bit of leftover coffee grime in a front cup holder that she wiped off right away. My 6-year-old van looked practically brand new! I almost didn't want to let the kids back in!
Burt K.
18 March,2016
DoubleTake Auto Spa is a 'no brainer' if you're looking for an  honest, affordable, convenient, QUALITY place to trust  your vehicle  for a fantastic detail cleaning.  Known for their mobile service for busy folks, DT Auto Spa just opened a location near a great shopping mall where you can DROP OFF your vehicle while you shop, only to come back a couple hours later to a beautifully clean like-new car or truck - and their prices are very reasonable. No wonder all the 5 star Yelps and BBB top ratings.
Kumar S
15 March,2016
I took my car for detailing after an appointment with sandra. She gave me a very good deal of 185$ which originally cost 250$. My car is Hyundai Sonata 2012 model. I have a small kid who is 2 years old with car seat all along in my car.  I had recently gone to muirwoods and to top it my kid had split some food on seat with stains. So all in all my car was mess due to dirt from muirwoods and stains from my kid :) But thanks to sandra and her team !!! I left the car at the said time . I don't remember the person at reception, but he was very good and initially told me all the detailed work he was going to perform. I was told to come after 3 hours When I returned back after 3 hours to see my car, i couldn't recognize my car!!!  Not only the seats , mirrors and dashboard were cleaned , even the small compartment inside the car was cleaned. The wheels were so awesome that it actually looked like a new car out of showroom The car was so clean now that I actually saw scratches on car which were not visible due to dirt initially.They also recommended me some useful tips to keep my car clean. I will definitely go back to clean and do detail aervice for my car. Lastly, best wishes to sandra and her awesome dedicated team. Please keep up the good work :)
Philip T.
14 January,2017
Courteous, friendly service Got my 2003 g35 done here, the previous owner did not take care of this car but double take did.  The interior is looking like new again, I will definitely be back again
Scott. Z
17 January,2017
Amazing! Had paint overspray all over my car, these guys got me in today short amount of time and removed all the paint. Perfect job! Will recommend to everyone.
Linda W.
13 January,2017
I am very satisfied with Sandra and her team's service. I took my car in for a interior detailing and leather seat cleaning. Before I went in, I was concerning about if those jean blue dye that is on my sand color leather seat would ever been cleaned off.  Sandra and her team did a great job! My leather seats look like new now! I would recommend them to anyone needs a car detailing service!
Jason L.
16 January,2017
I bought a Groupon for a interior and exterior package. Scheduling an appointment was painless and quick. Doubletake's team is fast and efficient. Sandra said it would take an hour and it did. She is also very knowledgeable in answering my questions. After the detailing, my car has never been so clean since the day I bought it. I came in with the dirtiest rims but now it's shiny. The team cleaned out every nook and cranny of the car. They were so great I had to schedule another appointment to deep clean my other car.
Joseph Z.
19 October,2016
Ok first of all we can all come to the consensus that Sandra is an absolute sweetheart. I had a flat tire and had to come pick up my car late, and she made sure to stay late just so I could receive my white 428i. I've also had a black Ford Fiesta ST detailed here and they did a tremendous job. They've done quite an bit of extensive work to make sure that there are concise easy to understand packages, but you can also work out a custom package within your budget if you are an enthusiast and know exactly what you want. That's the thing, I'm an enthusiast who never would have anyone "detail" my car, yet I would bring my car here in a heartbeat every time! They actually DETAIL the car, and as someone who knows what they're doing, I can tell you that they know what they're doing too!!  I'd give them 10 stars if I could!
Dhana A.
07 January,2017
Came here after a party mishap and these guys are awesome!! Accommodated me in a short notice and the job they did was AMAZING!! My car is all clean and odor free. They are very detail oriented and got every single stop including the seat tracks. Am glad I found this place. Job well done!!
Evelyn R.
31 December,2016
This will be the only place I can trust 100% with any vehicle. I'm happy I picked this place to fix my moms Escalade and we sure were not disappointed! From explaining to us what products they have that would work best to what to do later on for maintenance to keep the truck looking just as good!! I'll be bringing my car in for future maintenance and forsure recommending this place to everyone
Ed L.
30 December,2016
I called in the morning and was cheerfully greeted by Sandra, who was able to schedule a same day appointment for an interior detailing. A friend had thrown up all over my car the night before, so I needed a deep cleaning and odor removal. The pricing seemed to be a lot, but Sandra offered me a small discount when I mentioned I was a college student and she wanted to help work with my budget. I dropped off the car at my appointment time, and was walked through (with detail) the cleaning process. Fast forward to a few hours later, and the inside of my car is brand spanking new. The vomit smell and stains were all gone, and I was even surprised to see that they were able to remove a dark wine stain that had been embedded into the light colored upholstery for over a year! Amazing service and incredible performance. I'll be back for sure.
John K.
30 December,2016
Had a great experience at Double Take. Service was awesome and easy to schedule. They were very accommodating when it came to planning my appointment. Sandra was very nice and helpful and made my experience as quick and easy as possible. Also they did a great job detailing my car. They checked every box and made sure everything was perfect. They did a great job getting stains out of the seats. My car looks good as new. Will definitely come back in the future.
Neeta P.
21 December,2016
This is the best auto spa I've ever been to! My 2 year old pressed some buttons on my car remote causing all windows and sunroof to fully open, and then it rained all night long (my cup holders were FULL with rain water)  I called DoubleTake Auto Spa and Sandra was able to get me an appointment asap for a full interior detail. She spent 30 minutes on each seat making sure it was as dry as possible. Everything was so clean, my car looked brand new again. She did an amazing job! If you're looking to getting your car detailed, this is the place to come to! They also have great snacks while you wait.
Ricky E.
14 November,2016
Sandra was easy going very nice to speak with and did an amazing job on my soiled carpet on my new truck. No more foul odor. Would highly recommend! Thanks again Sandra!
Marrisa P
12 September,2015
Sandra and her crew have always done an excellent job for us. We've had them detail our cars over the years and we've always been satisfied with their quality and service. The convenience is a big factor: they come to our house on time and detail our cars (we've had them detail up to 4 cars at once; this year we only had 2 that needed it). The crew is courteous and professional, and cares about ensuring that we are happy with the results. We do the platinum service - and the car looks great afterwards. They take the time to have us inspect their job to ensure that we are happy. Given the service and quality they provide, I do think Double Take is a tremendous value.
John W.
09 September,2015
This is awkward. I'm not used to having your auto detailer providing excellent customer service. I made an appointment with Sandra and came in their new location. I was immediately blown away how friendly and professional they are. Sandra took the time and explained how their company operates and they are really a world apart from all the other auto detailers out there. The price is more than reasonable, you are also getting an awesome customer service. I can spend the same amount elsewhere and getting the stink eyes from one of the workers. This is my place to be for all my future car detailing.
Christina F.
11 November,2016
DoubleTake made my detailing errand as easy and painless as possible!  I called on short notice (on a holiday) hoping for a same day appointment and Sandra was able to accommodate me no problem. I ordered the basic pack - which includes interior and exterior cleaning - and my car was in and out in under 90 mins.  My little corolla was in the best shape I've seen it since I bought it about 2 years ago and I left a happy camper. I'll definitely be back in a few months :)
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