Exterior Wash only $25!

When you choose one of our interior car detailing service, SAVE $20 OFF our Exterior 100% Hand Car Wash Service!

1. Basic Interior Car Cleaning

2. Interior Exfoliation Car Detail

3. Interior Deep Cleaning with Steam

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BFF Deal

We all have a BFF (Best Friend Forever) or that special family member, co-worker or significant other that we enjoy doing things with. Take advantage of this great offer, purchase one auto detailing service at the regular price and save $75 off the second service!  Now, the both of you can enjoy a super clean interior and a jaw dropping exterior shine!

Exterior Only Detailing Specials

Your car exterior's takes a beating each day. Harmful UV rays, contaminates, dust, dirt and grime will work to deteriorate your car's paint if not protected properly. People, end up having to paying a lot of money to correct paint dullness and oxidation, when it could all be avoided with getting a clay bar treatment once a year and keep your car full protected with a wax, sealant of ceramic coating.  

Waxes: Most people don't realize that waxes only last 3 months, that's it.  So for those that only get their vehicle professionally waxed, twice a year, for 6 months you car's paint is exposed to all the harsh elements without any protection.  

Sealant: These come with a 6 months or 1 year protection. These are more durable than waxes and will aid in protecting it against tree sap, bird poop and contaminates.

Ceramic Coatings offers the BEST protection on the market as they last for 2-5 years. They act as a sacrificial layer of protection for your vehicle.  Once your vehicle is coated with a ceramic coating you no longer have to worry about waxing your car for 2-5 years! Should bird poop, hard water, tree sap get on your car, the ceramic coating will protect your car's finish from damage, keeping your car with that showroom shine much longer!


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