Black Enhancer
  • Black Car Shine
  • Black Car Shine
  • Black Car Shine
  • Black Car Shine
  • Black Car Shine

Black Enhancer is strictly for black vehicles that have lost its luster and shine.  - This service will take 1-3 days depending on size and condition of vehicle.

Black is the most sought-after color for car care enthusiasts world-wide because when it’s done right, no other color can mimic the pool of wet paint that black so prominently displays.  If you own a black vehicle and demand the deepest reflections possible, look no further. Our Black Enhancer service will create mile deep reflection to satify the most discriminating car care enthusiasts that refuse to accept anything less than perfection.

It's worth the investment....
Compact $695  |  Mid-Full Size Car $795  |  Crossover, SUV, Minivan, Truck $995

This Service Includes

  • Bio-degradable Wash: 100% hand wash with bio-degradable soap to loosen and remove dirt safely.
  • Clay Bar Treatment: Our professional detailing clay is a paint cleaning system designed to safely and effectively remove damaging contaminates out of your clear coat that cannot be removed during regular washing. This treatment helps to remove contaminates that can make your vehicle’s paint feel rough and start to look dull over time. 
  • Black Correction Polish: Removes fine swirl marks and cobweb scratches, while leaving a deep dark protective shine.
  • Black Paste Wax: Engineered strictly for black vehicles. The unique wax uses synthetic polymers that bond to the surface creating a durable shiled of protection, while producing a briliant shine!
  • Jet Seal: Our durable paint protection sealant designed to shield your vehicle's exterior from the harshest elements. UV protection that protects your paintwork against fading and discoloration. Provides 6 months of protection.
  • Chrome is polished
  • Tires are cleaned and treated
  • Windows are cleaned




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