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Renovator - One Stage Polish  -  This service will take 4-8 hours depending on size and condition of vehicle.

Car polishing before waxing is the trick behind attaining and maintaining that sought after showroom finish on your car. I mean an unsurpassed, deep, vibrant liquid color with shimmer. Washing is great, but it’s just a preliminary step. Car polishing is a thorough, deep cleaning of your paint, providing the best possible surface for wax. 

This service is designed for those that are looking to improve the look of their car's exterior: this polish will restore to a super high, rich shine while removing/improving "minor" paint imperfection such as swirl marks, light scratches, light water spots, tree sap and buffing trails. 

Renovator - One Stage Polish

Bio-degradable Wash: 100% hand wash with bio-degradable soap to loosen and remove dirt safely.

Clay Bar Treatment: Our professional detailing clay is a paint cleaning system designed to safely and effectively remove damaging contaminates out of your clear coat that cannot be removed during regular washing. This treatment helps to remove contaminates that can make your vehicle’s paint feel rough and start to look dull over time. 

Renovator Polish: Removal of paintwork imperfections such as minor swirl marks, scratches, holograms and buffer trails,leaving an ultra-gloss finish

Butter Wax: Our butter wax is applied with a polisher so the wax will melt into your paint revealing a stunning shine that will WOW you!

Chrome: All chrome is polish.

Rims: Polished to help prevent brake dust build up.

Black Trim Shine: For a rich, deep shine

Compact Car $495 | Sedan $595 | Small Crossover, SUV, Minivan & Truck $795 | Large: Crossover, SUV, Minivan & Truck $895


Highly Recommended Upgrade

Ceramic Coating 2, 5 or Life Time Protection with Warranty - Save $200 
Ceramic coatings are far more durable than any wax, protecting and preserving your car for years while delivering a better than Showroom Shine, guaranteed! They are super hydrophobic which repels water, dirt and grime to keep your car cleaner, longer. Protecting against harmful contaminates that can damage your car's paint. The slick surface makes cleaning your car a breeze!  No waxing is required once your car is protected with a Ceramic Coating!

Paint Protection Film (PPF) Also known as Clear Bra - 7 - 10 Years Protection - Save $200
Protect your car paint from getting those nasty rock chips and scratches with a 3M or Xpel Clear Bra Protection.  Part of your Hood | Whole Hood | Bumper | Door Trim and the list goes on. We invite you to schedule a FREE vehicle inspection to determine the best option for you and your new car!




• All vehicles should be waxed at least 3- 4 times a year, because most waxes only last 4-8 weeks.

• Sealants adds a layer of protection and increase the life of your wax.

• Marring & haze is the work of inexperience detailers or to do it yourself.

• Most swirl marks and fine lines occurs from driving through local carwash conveyor or doing it yourself using the wrong towels.


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