Ceramic Coating Black Trim

Finally, a ceramic coating to protect black trim from fading for up to 12 months.  This black trim coating is also great if your black trim needs to be restored, then protected. We have all fell in love with coatings to protect our freshly detailed paint, but we forgot to show our trim some love. Not anymore, with Gyeon Trim, you will be able to apply a protective layer to your plastic pieces, protecting them from harmful environmental elements. Gyeon Trim will help repel water, dirt and grime, just like a coating would on your paint.

The secrete is in the high quality formula that is based on SIO2. Take this and add in a special bonding agent that is suitable for plastic and you have a formula that not only protects, but rejuvenates. Gyeon Trim will adhere to your plastic pieces, protecting from UV rays, discoloration and fading, while restoring any dull or faded pieces. After application, you will be left with that fresh from the factory look we all strive for when detailing our plastic trim pieces. This trim is resistant to any type of chemical with a pH between 2 and 11, allowing you to clean with various products without stripping off this trim coating. Protect and restore your trim pieces for up to 12 months!

Price starts at $195+ depending on amount of trim to be restored and protected.


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