Rim Coating

Your rims are exposed to more damaging contaminants than virtually any other area of your vehicle. Potholes, road grime, rocks, salt, brake dust and so much more can cause irreversible damage to the finish of your rims if not taken care of properly. Previously, sealants and waxes could do the job, but they did not do the job for long. Brank dust can build up quickly and eat into or even stain your rim surface.Q2 Rim prevents dirt and brake dust from getting a hold on the rim's surface and makes cleaning extremely easy. You would find yourself cleaning and protecting your rims every few weeks and that can get old quickly.

Ceramic coating protection is resistant to the extreme heat that rims have to endure up to 572 degrees Fahrenheit. It features self cleaning properties that help keep your rims cleaning longer. The aforementioned brake dust and road grime will have trouble sticking to the rim, instead falling off and onto the road for some other poor unprotected rims to pick up. When you do decide to spruce your rims up, you will find that cleaning them is easier and much faster. Most harsh chemicals with a pH of between 2 and 11 will also not have an effect on your rim coating, so feel free to use your favorite rim cleaner if desired!  Get your rim coating today and protect your rims from harmful contamination!

Say good-bye to hard to clean rim!

1 Year Rim Protection $395  |  2 Years Rim Protection $500

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